Escape room Are you tired of being in your home during this pandemic? The virtual escape rooms are here to your rescue! Virtual Escape Rooms are the perfect platform for you to spend quality time with your family escaperoom, game, entertainment,

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Are you tired of being in your home during this pandemic? The virtual escape rooms are here to your rescue! Virtual Escape Rooms are the perfect platform for you to spend quality time with your family and friends. These escape rooms help you bond with even your loved ones who live across continents from you. A simple click on the internet will cure your blues! Quick! Get ready for some unlimited fun at live escape rooms!

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Jurassic Escape is a sci-fi escape game designed and conceptualized by Escape the Room.
Dinosaurs are back and they have started hunting too. Humankind and the whole world is in grave danger. The place Oak Brook is perilous. Yo get to know that these living dinosaurs are the result of cloning undertaken by an evil corporation intending to destroy the world. The cloning experiments are handled in a lab.
Your team’s mission is to sneak into the lab and to put an end to the sinister cloning experiments and to perish the ‘weaponized dinosaurs’ to save the world from their evil clutches.
You are left with fleeting 60 minutes. Can you abort this deadly mission in this limited period? Or, Will you sit and watch the end of humanity? Over excited to play this game? Great! Grab this opportunity! Gather your friends and Book the tickets now to play this exciting Jurassic escape game!
You are a part of this futuristic world, where human-made dinosaurs are freely wandering around. They have become a nightmare for the people of Oak Brook and they can easily devastate the entire universe.
An evil corporation has started a cloning process of these ‘weaponized dinosaurs’. With the success of this experiment, they’ll finally have a weapon against the world. You have to put an end to those wicked plans. Sidle into the laboratory, solve the puzzles inside, and stop the cloning process. With time slipping away, will you be able to crack the hurdles and save the entire city from further destruction?
Burning with curiosity and excitement? Grab this adventurous opportunity now! To add more excitement to this escapade, bring along your chums and dear ones! Book the tickets for escape room Cincinnati right now!
Escape the wicked corporates and their savage invention, If you can! Will you be able to complete the task? Or will you let the Dinosaurs destroy the entire humanity?
Escape the eyes of the dinosaurs as well as the corporatesto slip inside the lab. Work in sync with your team, solve the perplexing puzzles, crack the mystifying codes, follow the trail of clues to accomplish your mission. Put a halt to this immoral practice and become the hero of the day!
Have you dreamt of being the hero? Here is the chance! Utilize the opportunity and show your savvy skills to the world! Join this Jurassic park escape room now!
“As I entered Jurassic Escape, in my head I heard the voice of John Hammond say, “Welcome to Jurassic Park!” This escape room felt like Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park heavily inspired it. Escape The Room NYC largely nailed the aesthetic and vibe of the movie. This was straight down to the effects, including one of the most memorable moments in the film”. The is a review taken from Room escape artist.
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Jurassic Park (1993), directed by Steven Spielberg, and Jurassic World(2015), directed by Colin Trevorrow, are the two movies that are closely related to the concept of this game. In these movies and the game, the method of developing dinosaurs through cloning is emphasized. It shows how over-ambition slowly leads to the destruction of the entire humanity.
Join this dinosaur escape room to feel like being on the big screen!Reserve your tickets now!

Cincinnati Escape Room

The Upside Down is a suspense thriller-themed escape room designed and conceptualized by Cincinnati Escape Room.
A small town, located in Indiana, has been surrounded by mysterious rumors.
Intrigued by the word on the streets, you decide to take matters into your own hands!
Now, you must portal into the Upside Down and find out what the chaos is all about!
Buckle up. You have just 60 fleeting minutes on the clock!
Find out what fate has in store for you! Make your bookings now.
Strange things are afoot in the little town in Indiana.
Now, you must gather your team and unravel the mystery behind this weird town. You are required to find and use a hidden portal to get to the Upside Down.
Remember, the treasure is there to be taken! You must figure out a way to get to the treasure before someone else gets to it!
Hurry up. You have just 60 minutes on the clock! Is your team clever enough to figure out what is going on?
Head over to this Cincinnati Escape Room and take upon this nerve-wracking challenge. Make your reservations today!
Will you be able to decode and decipher the mysteries behind the strange happenings in this town? Can you work with your wit and find out the treasure?
Find out what happens next at the Cincinnati Escape Room. Make your reservations today!